Bright Yeti gives farmers control over their crops at the molecular level 

Supply < Demand

Agriculture production rates are falling behind and projections continue to diverge in the coming years. Forecasts show demand for food growing 100% by 2050 with supply increasing only 50% over the same time period. Farmers continue to explore new technologies but the pace of innovation is not keeping up with demand.


​​ Over 1 billion people in the world suffer from hunger or malnutrition. This includes 42 million Americans living in food insecure households. Left unchecked, this number will grow to 1.5 billion people worldwide without access to adequate food supply by 2050. To solve this problem the world needs innovations in farming.


Farmers are continuing to invest in new solutions to increase efficiency and control of their operations. The global agriculture and farm machinery equipment market is expected to reach $282 billion by 2022, a CAGR of 8.7% . Farmers need a solution that can transform their way of doing business today for the world of tomorrow.


By synthesizing biology with engineering, Bright Yeti increases the efficiency of activities naturally occurring in plants, helping important ions reach the cell when they are needed most. Farms integrate the technology into their existing infrastructure and  without adding to materials consumed by the plant. The technology is scalable similar to the irrigation and lighting systems farmers already buy.


​​Bright Yeti brings biology, engineering, and business expertise to applied science and farm technology. Our team has backgrounds spanning NASA, Lockheed Martin, The University of Texas, Cornell, Northwestern University, The Kellogg School of Management, Denver University, Engineers Without Borders, and LeaderShape.


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